Our business was able to nearly double its annual revenues after Dana came in to reorganize our office space. I felt more productive, was able to feel confident in the space and at peace with daily tasks. I am convinced that the order of things we surround ourselves with provides the needed energy to move forward.” Aileen Rohwer, Executive Director, Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates

a graduate of michigan state university, the institute of merchandising & design, and the western school of feng shui®, dana casey's love for fabrics, color, pattern, fashion, and design led her to interior design.  dana's first experiences in design started a very early age when she began designing flower arrangements and vignettes for her family members.  her natural talents brought her to formal education in design, which quickly landed her into the designer role working side-by-side with an architect on the redevelopment of a historic building into an upscale nightclub. this led to a commercial design for the national coffee chain, biggby.  

today, dana parlays her creative talents into designs for residential clients and commercial clients providing the added benefits of feng shui as an option to her designs.  

the blending of feng shui and design, while optional, brings a merging of aesthetics, interior design, balance, harmony, and the added ability to enhance the well-being of occupants.  dana truly provides innovative designs with a genuine desire to help others create whole and balanced lives with purpose and meaning.  

*Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild®

Working with Dana on the feng shui decorating of my home and yard was a wonderful experience. People frequently tell me my house feels warm, welcoming and cozy. She has a very kind and non- pushy way to get her decorating suggestions across. Recommend her highly.
— Karen, Michigan
The feng shui knowledge Dana has is tremendous. It’s second nature to her and she is passionate about her work. The feng shui she recommended for my home has changed my life for the better.
— Rosemary, Los Angeles
Dana did a wonderful job of incorporating who we are and where we have been, while pushing us in a direction we needed to go. The end result was a new design for my store that has been wildly successful.
— Jerry, Michigan