a new design

a design prompted by DECASO inviting me to create a dream space if budget were of no concern started with this exquisite chinoiserie 18th century painting.  

inspired by the seamless white walls of greek architecture, the lines of moroccan arched doorways, italian flooring, the greenery of the tropics, and the mediterranean sea all fueled this eclectic design.  it's neoclassical with a twist for sure, using the large-scale chinoiserie painting along with moroccan elements gives an air of international appeal.  

the inspiration

taking these images and merging a chinoiserie painting with all brought me to this final plan for an entryway to a home somewhere along the mediterranean sea. 

decaso set.jpg

floors of moroccan handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile by sixth and seventh-generation mosaic craftsmen, provide a foundation of authentic detail.  i wanted to downplay the feng shui "fiery" reds and the children playing in the painting (although they are fabulous) to keep the focus on the architectural elements of the furnishings, walls (which would be white with a recessed detail to display the painting), and texture of the floors and other decor.  the recessed, grand scaled chinoiserie painting will be balanced with the stark white walls, imperfectly perfect tile floor, and the large scaled handmade copper table.  the copper table i envision developing a patina over time that will only add to the authentically aged design of the entryway.   the american regency chaise, italian cararra marble urn, 19th century bronze and crystal chandelier, and antique rusted french hand-forged iron finial are all from DECASO.  



interior inspiration

i found this spread in vogue magazine to be inspiring.  the white paint, the simple design with just the right amount of art, and fabulous bones, all lend to the calm and casual yet elegant, eclectic flair of this space.  

interior design:  simone rocha    *    photography:  kasia gatkowska