white or amber himalayan salt USB light - fair trade

amber USB salt lamp 2016 .png
amber USB salt lamp 2016 .png

white or amber himalayan salt USB light - fair trade

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a wonderful accessory to add warmth and light to life.  made of himalayan sea salt harvested from ancient, pollution-free seabeds, these are naturally rich in minerals and many consider this salt to be the purest on earth.  

all our himalayan salt candle holders and lamps are fair trade.  this ensures that producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses, and use sustainable growing and production methods.

  • 3" tall
  • helps to offset the unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs) computers & wireless devices omit
  • keeping a salt lamp next to your computer helps counter these EMFs as these himalayan crystals vibrate at a frequency nearly identical to the human body 
  • LED light/USB cord and care instructions included

not only do these add glow, the ions emitted will help to cleanse the air where they're placed.  great for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

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